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Important Tryout Information for U15 & U16 Levels

By Christopher Ceransky, 04/19/18, 4:00AM EDT


I’d like to thank all the families that joined us for tryouts this year.  It means a lot to us at Team Maryland that you see our program as the right option for your son.  We know there needs to be trust between a family and their youth hockey organization that centers around everyone’s ability to do right by the children.  After watching both the U15 and U16 tryouts last night, I believe an organizational adjustment is needed to keep that trust.  Effective immediately, Team Maryland will be fielding two U16 teams instead of a U15 and U16 team.  A U16 National team and a U16 American team.

The change will allow our staff to allocate the many talented players in attendance last night more effectively to keep all our teams more competitive.  It also puts the players that make both rosters in a position to play a more competitive schedule and in turn develop more.  Both teams will consist of player born in 2003 and 2002.

The change in competition level will not affect the coaching staffs already set in place.  I (Christopher Ceransky) will be the Head Coach of the U16 National team and Coach Matt Reid will be the Head Coach of the U16 American team.

We have adjusted the rosters for the two tryout groups.  This will affect what time your son is on the ice starting today.  Please find the new tryout rosters on the homepage.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Thank you,

Christopher Ceransky